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Profitec 01

In the process of extrusion faults and variations are unavoidable. It’s very important to detect and control this at a very early stage in order to secure the product quality and avoid unnecessary waste. To make this possible we’ve developed the measuring and control device Profitec 01. ​

Designed to master extrusion

The Measuring and Control Device profitec 01 is designed to measure the material accumulation and the swelling of materials respectively at one edge of the profile directly at the die and with this indirect measurement the differences of the profile dimension that can be corrected immediately by correspondent controlling measurements.

secure product quality

obtain process stability

save raw materials

reduce waste

simplifies the use of recycled materials

Fibre-optic measuring head

For the indirect profile-measurement directly at the die the Measuring and Control Device profitec 01 is equipped with a fibre-optic measuring head. This one is working with infrared-light and is equipped with a patented reference channel. This reference channel makes the device is insensitive to different environmental influences at the die (for example: environmental light, temperature or condensate).

Technical data

    • Type: Measuring and Control Device Profitec 01-08
    • Sensor: Optical measuring sensor with fibre optic
    • Electronic: Microprocessor technique
    • Controller: PI-Controller with variable control coefficient
    • Control output: Control output extruder motor 0 – 10 VDC Control output haul-off motor 0 – 10 VDC
    • Alarm output: potential-free relay contact
    • Power supply: 100 to 240 VDC / 50 – 60 Hz
    • Operative range: For all types of profile extrusion regardless of material

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We provide Plug-and-play easy to install sensors that measure energy consumption on a machine level.


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What do whe monitor?

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Engineering for the plastic industry

Many complex production processes for plastics require technical solutions and equipment which are not, or hardly available “of the shelve” This part of a production line requires as much attention as all previous components and equipment.

Techniks Engineering can assist you from the designing phase till the commissioning stage of your project.

We transform your technical specifications and requirements in to bespoke machines and ancillaries, which fit in seamless in your production line.

Typical bespoke machines are : in-line embossing; in-line punching- and milling units; in-line customized stacking, conveyor transporting, in-line manipulation and many more.

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